With this little trick, you can keep your pesto even longer


With just a simple trick, your pesto will never go moldy again so you can keep it longer! Why we didn’t know this before, we too wonder… After all, a pesto jar, when opened, goes past its date mega fast. Super irritating. But fortunately, from now on, thanks to this trick, that will be a thing of the past.

Pesto is, of course, delicious and can make almost any dish even tastier. But the downside to a jar of pesto is, that it gets moldy very quickly. A real shame. You can throw the whole jar away after using it once, almost all the time. In the context of sustainability and rising supermarket prices, this is not very pleasant Fortunately, there is now this super handy trick, so your pesto can last a long time!

Wondering what the secret trick is to keep your pesto longer? Then see the tip on the next page!