Try this tip for a fresh-smelling home without chemicals in 2023!


There is nothing nicer than to have a lovely smell in your home right?

We use every tool to accomplish this, from scented sticks to air fresheners. Scented candles are also often used to combat unpleasant odors in your home. Incense is also a favorite among some of us, but too strong for many. But everything we use to make our home smell nicer has all kinds of chemicals in it. And let those chemicals not be good for your health… However, now I have a solution to still provide your home with a fresh scent without using all those junk with chemicals.

The wax from scented candles and the chemicals get into your body and your lungs. Fumes from scented candles and air fresheners can penetrate the walls of a home. The wax from candles causes your immune cells to get less oxygen and thus can’t work as well for you. So these chemicals weaken your immune system… And that’s something we don’t want to offer for just a fresh-smelling house right?

From now on, you never have to worry about those chemicals damaging your health because, with these tips, your home will smell great with only natural ingredients!

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