Wow! Create Perfect Curls with a strainer in 2023!


All you need for beautiful curls is a strainer!

Just keep in mind with this lifehack that this only applies to people with naturally curly hair. This life hack has been going viral on various social media channels for a while now. Getting the perfect curl is quite a chore. If you are a part of the curly girl community, you know how hard the life of a curly girl can be. You probably have tried all the methods out there to create the perfect curls. Still, the answer to the perfect curl is there – the strainer!


It may sound quite weird now, but it isn’t. Maybe buy a new strainer for your kitchen, because using the same for your hair might not be so hygienic.
The art of creating the perfect curl is incredibly tricky, but who knows, maybe this life hack is the answer to all your bad hair days!

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