Here’s why you should wash your bedding more often!


Lying in a clean and fresh bed is very nice. Yet not everyone washes their bedding regularly. But it is important to do so. Here is the long-awaited answer to the question of how often you should wash your bedding.

But just how often should you wash your bedding? You’ll have to wait a long time for this answer. There is no need to wash your sheets unnecessarily if there are no stains spotted. But always check your pillowcases for stains. These could be from your skin or make-up residues. If there are any stains, you must wash the pillowcases.

The best way to wash your bedding is in the washing machine. If your washing machine does not have a special program for bedding, choose the ‘normal’ program. Sheets do not need to be shaken excessively to be fresh again. To further boost the cleaning of your sheets, make sure you turn the water temperature up a bit. A hot water temperature is important because that’s how you kill most bacteria. The bedding contains many bacteria that you cannot see with the naked eye.

Then how often you should wash your bedding? Read about that on the next page!