This tiny house does have a very unusual shape…


You probably see tiny houses more and more. But this Tiny house is extra special. When you think of a Tiny house, an image probably forms in your mind of a rather boring little cubicle. But this tiny house will prove you wrong! With its unique shape, it is an architectural gem.

Of course, the exterior of a house is the first thing that catches your eye. Architects more often choose to incorporate unique shapes into houses. As you can see in the design of this Tiny house unique shapes are applied!

The unusual shapes add both functional and aesthetic elements to the house. Placing the geometric lines in a natural area creates a clash. In nature, organic shapes are generally abundant. Placing a geometrically shaped house in nature will create a disbalance. The disbalance is what makes it special.

Are you curious to see what a geometric house looks like inside? Then read the next page!