THIS is how you can easily clean your kettle!

Clean your kettle

Clean Your Kettle Easy With This Tip

The kettle is a product that many of us skip when cleaning. However, it is very important to clean your kettle once in a while. A lot of limescale builds up in your kettle if you don’t clean it regularly. No one wants bits of chalk residue in their tea right?

Clean your kettle tip

This cleaning hack is the easiest you have ever heard! Your kettle will look as good as new after this cleaning hack. The only ingredient needed for this hack is vinegar. Vinegar can be found in almost every household’s kitchen cabinet. Because vinegar has low acidity, it works perfectly against limescale. Lower acidity sounds illogical, but the lower the acidity, the more acidic a product is. If you don’t have vinegar in your cabinets, then you can replace the vinegar with other acidic products. The juice of a lemon can also work wonders!

The cleaning hack works like this: put a generous layer of vinegar in the kettle. Then fill the kettle to 1/3 with water. Then turn your electric kettle on and let this little construction simmer nicely. Let the kettle cool down for a while. After the mixture is cooled down, you can throw it away. Do rinse the kettle with water afterwards, because tea with vinegar taste is not delicious. If you still see lime residue, you can also clean the kettle with a sponge. Is the limescale very stubborn? Then you can soak the vinegar water in the kettle overnight and repeat the process the following day.

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